The Top 11 Causes of Fatigue & How to Address Them


I’m Dr. Evan Hirsch! I’m a Functional Medicine MD who specializes in treating fatigue. I’m recognized as an authority on treating fatigue and have become known as “The Fatigue Doc.” I’ve given lectures all over the world, been featured on podcasts and was recently one of the experts interviewed for the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2!

I struggled with fatigue for 5 years and have since discovered the best methods for figuring out what the causes of fatigue are, and how to resolve them. I’ve helped hundreds of people resolve their fatigue and I’d love to help you too!

If you struggle with fatigue, brain fog, or chronic pain, watch this video! It may be the key to figuring out how to get your life back!

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I hope you enjoy the video and learn a lot. 

With Gratitude,

Evan Hirsch, MD

“The Fatigue Doc”

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