Stacy Hirsch is a gift! I have the tendency to think about everything at once, whether that is an issue at work or a personal health choice. It all rumbles around in my brain. Stacy listens. She hears what I say and can identify the main thought or concern from what I say. I feel empowered, after talking with Stacy. She may confirm a question that I have; or, she may offer suggestions about a conflict that I have. In each of the coaching sessions I have had, I have left with a plan. Stacy gave me tools to use so that I could move toward the goal that we devised…that she gleaned from what I said. The benefit to me has been seen in every area of my life, whether physical or emotional or mental or spiritual. When I am in a place of peace, whether or not I have fully addressed every question or issue, I am in a healthier place. I am thankful.

Diane S.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Dr. Hirsch and Allison for giving me my life back. I have spent several years feeling sick, always tired, in pain, and confused. Never getting results from Doctors except to be given more pills. After coming to the Hirsch Center I was finally diagnosed properly and put on the right path for recovery. When you are ready to reclaim your life and your health the Hirsch Center will get you there. These providers and staff are amazing. They actually listen and care about you and go over and above in getting you results that will change your life.

Wendy C.

The Hirsch Center has given me back my life! I was so sick when I came here and now I feel great! My gut is being healed. I love coming here! Everyone is so caring and friendly from the front office to all the staff.


I have to say that since coming to see you, my health has only improved.  It was pricey at first, but really, SO WORTH IT, to look holistically and respond holistically.  So thank you.


Thank you for making the perfect practice for me!!!


I am very happy with the way things are, and I appreciate the practices constant focus on improving and growing.

Brooke B.

Just wanted to let Dr Evan know that the garlic (Allicillin) worked. I am not all better but on the mend. Didn’t have to go to the pharmacy and get a prescription. I wanted to say ‘thank-you’. I am so happy with the care I receive from your whole team!

Heather Z.

[Dr. Hirsch] accepted me as the unique individual person I am, with respect. I feel I have a partner in my health choices.

Cynthia H.

Dr. Hirsch helped me a great deal after my cancer diagnosis and definitely helped me get on track. I recently started seeing David Lerner in addition and I couldn’t rave enough about the care received at HCIM. Thank you very much!