Meet Our Team
Dr. Evan Hirsch, MD, ABOIM.
Functional Medicine Consultant

Evan H. Hirsch, MD, ABOIM

Our Medical Director specializing in Chronic Fatigue and Autoimmune Diseases. Read bio

Stacy Hirsch MES, ACC, CDWF
Personal Growth & Development Coach

Stacy Hirsch, MES, ACC, CDWF

Our Clinic Director and Certified Health Coach specializing in the intersection between physical health and mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Read bio


Functional Medicine Consultant

Allison Hamza, PA-C, NTP

Specializing in holistic nutritional counseling, rebuilding both reproductive and digestive health and managing and reversing diabetes. Read bio

Angie's Headshot

Functional Medicine Consultant

Angie Thompson, ARNP

Specializing in Women’s Health Care including preventive screening, gynecologic concerns, contraception, lesbian health care, life transitions and breast concerns. Read bio

Meet Our Medical Support Staff
Medical Assistant

Kim D.

Prescription refills, check-out, IV’s, Shots, Labs, Procedures

IV Nurse

Virginia H.

IV Nutritional Therapy


Jamie F.

Blood draws

Meet Our Admin Support Staff
Front Desk

Pam S.

Front desk check-out, phones, new patient coordinator


Lisa B.

Billing, insurance, invoicing, check out

Executive Assistant

John F.

Marketing, Social Media, Online Classes