The Time You Need, the Holistic Care You Deserve

Hirsch Center for Integrative Medicine is modeled after a growing trend of solo private practitioners that are attempting to recapture traditional values of the doctor patient relationship in our ailing medical system. Most medical practices stay financially viable by trying to see as many patients as possible as efficiently as possible. They employ many people to assist the physician to absorb the office workload so the physician can focus on seeing patients. Typical physician schedules allow 10 to 15 minutes of actual physician time per visit. While this model of medical practice may thrive financially, it does so at a very high price. Practice overhead costs sometimes reach greater than 70% of practice income. Patients are often dissatisfied with the quality of care they receive.  Doctors are often frustrated with the restrictions this model puts on the doctor-patient relationship.

Hirsch Center for Integrative Medicine is a practice designed to enhance the doctor-patient relationship by providing personalized, hands on, accessible and affordable health care, within the parameters of the current medical system.  We provide long appointments to care for our patients as individuals and to give ample time for our providers to determine how to optimize patient health and well-being. 

We currently offer three different payment options (insurance, concierge and cash pay)

I want to use my health insurance

We accept the following insurances:

  • Regence (NOT Selections)
  • Regence Uniform
  • Premera
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • First Choice Health Network (NOT KPS or Providence)
  • Group Health Options
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United HealthCare

We are NOT contracted with Tricare Prime or Group Health. We are not taking Provider One, Medicaid, Molina, Medicare through Group Health or Healthy Options at this time.

To learn more about using your health insurance in our practice please view our presentation – Understanding Your Health Insurance Benefits.

To use your health insurance in our practice, we require patients to pay an annual fee. We call this our Annual Fee Program. This fee is due in addition to any copay or coinsurance that you will owe and it is not covered by your insurance. This is an out-of-pocket expense that reserves your space in our practice. 

  • We file insurance claims on your behalf
  • Individuals pay $228/year (or $20/month) for services not covered by your insurance or copay/coinsurance
  • Families pay $456/year (or $40/month), e.g. 1-2 adults and their child or children
  • You save 5% when paying yearly
  • Your Annual Fee does not go toward your copay or coinsurance that you will owe based on your insurance plan
  • We do not bill secondary insurances but we can supply you with the needed documentation so that you can submit to your secondary.

If you choose to pay your Annual Fee monthly we require a credit card on file with our office and the monthly amount will be withdrawn automatically. The fee is optional for Medicaid patients. Those with financial hardships pay $10/month.

This Fee for Non-Covered Services is a necessity due to rising costs and decreasing reimbursement rates. We have also chosen this model instead of completely transitioning to all concierge or cash practice model.

What does this fee cover?

  • Expertise in Integrative, Holistic and Functional Medicine
  • Phone and email access 24/7
  • Online appointment scheduling 24/7
  • Newsletter and email updates
  • Access to supplements on site
  • Access to specialty laboratory test kits on site
  • Urgent same day or next day appointment availability
  • Free classes, lectures and book groups

Please pay this annual fee at your new patient visit or setup a recurring monthly payment. This Fee for Non-Covered Services will not be reimbursed by your health insurance plan, although you may be able to use funds from a Medical Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account to pay for it (please check with your plan administrator). You are still responsible for all deductible, co-pays and co-insurance.

I do not have insurance / I do not want to use my health insurance

Our two cash pay options are our Concierge Program and our Cash Pay (at time of service) Program

1. Cash Pay (at time of service) Program

We accept cash at time of service. Pricing is dependent on provider. Please see our Fee Schedule for more details.

2. Concierge Program ($100-300/month pays for access)

The Concierge Program is designed for patients with a high deductible insurance plan, those without insurance or anyone who want access to us and our unique expertise.  Monthly pricing is dependent on the patient’s age and the provider selected; Please see our Fee Schedule for more details. 

  • No one between you and your care (no insurance).
  • $100-300/month per adult pays for access. (cost dependent on provider)
  • $100-200/month per child (cost dependent on provider)
  • Minimum expected commitment is 6 months.
  • A $150 enrollment fee applies when starting or re-starting care.
  • 5% discount when paid annually
  • No penalties for pre-existing conditions
  • Privacy. No one gets to see your records unless you have given permission (unlike insurance coverage)

The Concierge Program Fee covers your primary care services, including: 

  • Expertise in Integrative, Holistic and Functional Medicine
  • Appointments that are long and relaxed
  • Phone and email access 24/7
  • Online appointment scheduling 24/7
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Newsletter and email updates
  • Review of old charts, chart copies and laboratory reviews
  • Access to supplements on site
  • Access to specialty laboratory test kits
  • Individualized treatment strategies
  • Personalized research and health information
  • Urgent same day or next day appointment availability
  • Skype visits and Phone visits (we do need to see you face-to-face annually)
  • Comprehensive annual exams
  • Preventive Care/Risk factor assessment
  • Injections (B12, scar)
  • Procedures such as Well Woman Exams or Skin Biopsies (does not cover pathology reports or IUDs)
  • Comprehensive, face to face time, with a written health summary provided at the end of each visit

The Concierge Fee does not cover:

  • Laboratory fees (though discounts are available)
  • Radiology fees
  • Hospital or other doctor’s fees
  • Supplements or medical equipment (i.e. IUD)
  • Any other procedures or fees from services not performed by our primary care doctors
  • Non-primary care add-on services:
    •  Acupuncture ($25)
    • Prick Test for inhaled allergies ($25)

Questions? Please read the FAQs

Employers? Learn about how to offer this program to your employees

Cash, Check, Debit and Credit Cards accepted.

  • Please note that we are not offering insurance, nor are we an insurance broker.  We encourage you to contact your health insurance companies when you have questions regarding coverage.  Our office does not verify any benefits and does not guarantee reimbursements.
  • We will not charge you anything more than the concierge fee for our primary care services and we will never submit a bill to your insurance company.
  • Unfortunately, Medicare patients are not able to participate in our Concierge Program.
  • When seeing our ancillary service providers (Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching), you are required to have a separate Program Agreement with each provider.