HDL Collection Notice

Information updated July 12, 2016

UPDATE: 7-12-16

There have been a number of patients that have sent their EOBs into HDL and have received a notice that they do not owe any money. We are tracking these notices at the office. It seems to be taking quite a while for the collection agency to respond so please be patient with the process.

UPDATE: 6-12-16

Many of you have received a communication from the collection agency requesting copies of your EOB even though the proof of debt they sent to you shows a zero balance. We are in the processing of trying to determine the next step. Some patients have sent in an EOB and are awaiting a response. We will update you as soon as we have more information.

Hello dear patients and friends,

We have been notified that a lab company we used in the past, Health Diagnostics Laboratory (HDL), is sending out collection notices on labs that were done by them for patients who had Premera, Regence and Blue Cross Blue Shield over the last few years.

Since their records are poor, they are sending notices to EVERYONE who had the above insurances.
But don’t freak out! This is a fishing expedition, they hope that people will just pay the notice instead of calling to refute the charge. 

HDL declared bankruptcy last year and now their creditors are looking to collect whatever they can from whomever they can.

So, if you get a notice follow the instructions as outlined on the notice: 
  • Write them a letter disputing the debt and asking them for verification Sample letter to collection agency #1 (download) Sample Letter to Collections Agency 2
  • Keep copies of the letters you receive and the letter you send to the collection agency. When ever possible, send letters to collection agencies by certified mail, return receipt requested. These instructions come from the Washington State Department of Licensing.
  • Consider filing a complaint with the Washington State Department of Licensing (see below under resources).The stated written policy of HDL had always been to attempt to collect from patients only under very specific circumstances, outlined clearly in this HDL Patient Agreement.
For most of you, you’re not going to owe a dime based on the the agreement with HDL.

For some of you who may have deposited the check you received from your insurance company by accident instead of forwarding it to the lab, you will owe this money – the amount of the check you cashed not the amount on the collection notice. If you are uncertain about whether or not you received a check you can contact your insurance company and review your EOB’s.

With our current lab, True Health Diagnostics (THD), Regence, Premera and Blue Cross send their checks to the patient which then need to be signed and forwarded to THD.
If you have any questions after you have completed the above process, please email Kim@doctorevan.com.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause you. Lab testing has entered a new era and insurance companies and lab companies are trying to figure out the rules while providers advocate for the tests they need to help people heal and live longer, more vibrant lives.
The staff and providers at HCIM received notices too! We’re all in this together and we are here to help.
many blessings!


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We will be updating this page as we learn more about what is happening. Please note that we are providing this information as a courtesy to our patients only. In no way should anything contained on this page or in the associated links be considered legal advice. Nothing shared here is intended as a suitable replacement for the advice of an attorney.

A special thanks to Fred Klemmer and Heart of Wellness for collaborating with us on this issue in support of our greater patient community.