HCIM Fragrance-Free Policy

In an effort to support a healthy and comfortable environment for patients and staff, HCIM has implemented a fragrance-free work place policy.


According to the policy, staff and patients are encouraged to refrain from using any scented products.


Fragrances are considered to be scents incorporated into products that are intended to produce an attractive smell to others, in addition to the user. Some examples include detergents, colognes, perfumes, after-shave, soaps, lotions, powders, deodorants, hair products and other personal care products.


Such fragrances can adversely affect the health of individuals with certain medical conditions such as asthma, allergies, auto-immune issues, multiple chemical sensitivities and migraine headaches. Also, patients who are undergoing medical therapies, which cause nausea and vomiting, such as chemotherapy, can be especially sensitive to strong scents.


Policy Enforcement

If a patient is suspected to have used a scented product –


  • they may be asked to leave upon arrival for their appointment.
  • they may not be able to see their practitioner at their scheduled time.
  • they could be asked to pay a no-show or late cancellation fee.


Please review our fragrance-free guide so you can help us create a safe and supportive environment for all people.