Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Dr. Evan and his team ONLY work with patients who have fatigue?

No. While we specialize in treating fatigue, our knowledge of functional medicine is broad and we have successfully treated many health problems. 

Besides fatigue, we also work with cases that have the following:

  • Unexplained Health Symptoms
  • Adrenal Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue
  • Toxicity including Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Biotoxic Illness: Lyme Disease & Mold
  • Leaky Gut & Digestive Disorders
  • Hormone Issues (Testosterone, Estrogen)
  • Autoimmune Conditions (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Sleep Issues
  • Sensitivities to Food, Environment, Supplements, etc.

How does Dr. Evan and his team of providers work with people?

We work with people face-to-face at our clinic in Olympia, Washington, and remotely with people all over the world. We have programs for people who can travel to our clinic and for those who cannot.

Why does Dr. Evan have additional providers?

Due to demand, Dr. Evan brought in additional providers. They have been mentored by Dr. Evan and put through a rigorous training program that he developed. We consult on cases regularly and he has the utmost confidence in their abilities to treat fatigue and to provide a safe space for you to heal.

Why did Dr. Evan choose to specialize in treating fatigue?

Great question! He had fatigue for 5 years before he figured out how to fix it using the Fix Your Fatigue Program that he developed in his clinic. For the complete story, head over to our about page to learn more…

Besides my condition and symptoms, what are things that would make me a good fit?

The 3 most important things that we look for in a client is that:

  1. You value your health.
  2. You are committed to growth.
  3. You are willing to trust your provider, follow the recommendations they make and the treatment plan they create.

How do I get an appointment scheduled with Dr. Evan or one of his providers?

Our team does not accept everyone as a new client. We require a brief complimentary consult with you via phone to make sure this is good fit and to determine which provider would be right for you. If your case is accepted the next step is having an initial assessment.

What is involved in the initial assessment?

The initial assessment is a 100-minute appointment. Depending on your location and program option, we can conduct this appointment in person or via video conference. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire so we can learn about you and your health journey. Prior to the visit, you will be asked to provide us with any of the lab work you’ve had in the last 12 months – or older if they show any significant findings.

At the end of this visit you will walk away with an overview of how we would approach your treatment, a list of labs you can choose to order, a list of supplements, and a personalized treatment plan for you, if choose to become a client.

The cost for this appointment varies depending on the provider you choose. The cost for Dr. Evan is normally $1,100 but is discounted to $797 for a limited time. The cost to see one of our other providers is $597. If you decide to become a client, we will subtract the amount you paid for your initial visit from the total cost of your program.


What is the charge per appointment after initial assessment?

Our team of providers does not charge per appointment. We put together customized plans and programs for each individual. We determine the plan and length after the first initial assessment appointment.

Does insurance cover services provided by Dr. Evan and his team?

No, insurance does not cover the services we provide.

What is included if I am accepted as a client?

During your program, you will see your provider an average of every 6 weeks and have direct access to your provider via messaging through our secure portal. All appointments will be with the provider. It is important to understand that the providers cannot do the work for you, but are here to support and guide you through the process!

Dr. Evan and his providers also have other team members that can be accessed if needed, such as a Personal Development Coach.

What is unique about Dr. Evan and his team of providers?

Our belief is that we are here to partner with you on your healing journey. We implement a collaborative approach to working with our clients.

We are also unique because we specialize in treating the root causes of your health problems. It is important to us that you learn the “why” behind all of our recommendations. We believe this approach allows us to offer the best functional medicine care available.

Finally, we are unique because our number one focus is getting YOU well. Behind the scenes, we are constantly communicating, collaborating and learning about the most cutting edge tests and treatments. Our goal is to get you better as quickly (and safely) as possible.

What type of things are used with Dr. Evan’s protocols?

Lifestyle changes (food, movement, sleep, water), nutritional supplements, herbs, technologies (like saunas) and more.

What is Dr. Evan and his team of provider’s philosophy about lab tests?

We believe in the value of lab testing, but only run tests that we believe are absolutely necessary. We will customize the lab work needed based on your health condition. It can be helpful for us to review any lab work you’ve had done in the past to help us assess what tests we may/may not need to run.

How do I learn more about Dr. Evan’s approach?

We ask that everyone watch watch the video, The Top 11 Causes of Fatigue & How to Address Them before their phone consultation. In the video you will learn about the strategies Dr. Evan uses to treating fatigue (and other health concerns). Click here to watch the video.