Detox Spa Update

Week 1 Update

We began work on the detox spa renovation this week. We are partnering with green builder, Pete Chramiec of Bicycle Homebuilding. His team began by ripping out the 70’s inspired paneling and carpet to make way for a fresh take on the space. See below for a couple ‘before’ shots of the waiting room.


Waiting room (Before Demo)

IMG_4546Waiting room (Before Demo)

We removed all of the paneling and carpet plus a few walls and some of the drop ceiling. It took about two and a half days to do the initial demo work. See below for a few shots post demo.


Removed two walls in the picture above to open up the space a bit more. The entrance to the space is in the top left of the picture. Most of the space shown above will be for admin/reception.


New and improved waiting room. Higher ceilings and more natural light (above)


Standing at the entrance looking toward the reception/admin space.

We also met with Roussa Cassel to draft architectural plans for the space. She was great to work with and really helped us find ways to add flow to the current floor-plan.

Stay tune for more updates as we work to put the space back together…

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