HHFM Detox Medical Spa

Coming Summer/Fall 2013

We are excited to share with you a new development at Hirsch Holistic Family Medicine. Coming later this summer, we will expand our current ancillary services into a new space to offer sauna, exercise with oxygen therapy, IV therapy, and biofeedback to further support you in your healing and anti-aging protocols.

The detox medi-spa is being designed for anyone in need of additional support in detoxifying and promotion of optimal wellness. It is particularly important for those dealing with multiple chemical sensitivities, autoimmune conditions or genetic variations such as, MTHFR.

The new space will also provide us more room for group visits, gatherings, lectures and allow us to add new product lines geared toward mitigating the effects of a toxic environment (heavy metals, EMF, plastics, etc).

Our provider services will remain in Suite N (above right) and the Medical Spa is located right across the breezeway in Suite G (above left). This is an exciting time in our practice and we are happy to share this with you and to begin offering our community these services.

We are drafting the final plans this week and renovation begins this Tuesday May 28th. Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

~ The HHFM Team


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