Causes of Fatigue

In this post, I would like to begin a discussion on my approach to
fatigue. Fatigue is define as lack of energy not relieved with sleep.
This can lead to an overall problem with accomplishing activities of
daily living.

Here are some of the causes of fatigue and the questions that I ask to
determine the cause. When these causes are identified and treated,
complete resolution is probable – though it usually takes 1-3 years
depending on the patient’s presenting status.

1. Sleep: what time do you go to bed? how often do you wake up during
the night? do you snore? do you require any sleeping aids? what do you
do in your bedroom? do you have a TV in your bedroom? computer?
2. Hormones: what is your thyroid function? adrenal function? have
these values every been tested? I recommend blood, saliva or urine
hormone testing depending on the answers. do you have exercise
exhaustion? do you crave salt/sugar? are you menopausal? andropausal
(male menopause)?
3. Infections: have you ever had mononucleosis? traveler’s diarrhea?
any foreign travel? stressful life event followed by illness? do you
have allergies in your family? autoimmune diseases in your family?
have you ever had a root canal? blood and stool testing for virus,
bacteria, fungus and/or spirochetes can get to the bottom of the
fatigue depending on the answers received.
4. Nutritional deficiencies: are you deficient in any nutrients that
you know of? many symptoms can be the result of nutrient deficiencies.
blood and urine testing can help us identify the cause and support the
whole body and its biochemical processes with repletion.
5. Exercise: do you exercise regularly? lack of exercise can be a
cause of fatigue.
6. Heavy Metals: do you have any known exposure to heavy metals? do
you have mercury amalgams? do you grind your teeth?

So, there’s my list of causes for fatigue. If you have fatigue,
hopefully this will supply some questions for you to ponder. I
recommend a physician/provider competent in Integrative, Holistic,
Functional or Environmental Medicine to help you navigate how to

We have a Concierge Program for distance patients that allows us to
treat you over Skype or phone calls for a low monthly fee. Please see
our Payment Options tab for more information.

Be well!

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