New Restless Leg Syndrome treatment?

I have found in my practice that some patients who have Restless
Leg Syndrome also have a MTHFR gene defect. Consequently,
supplementation with methylfolate corrects the syndrome. Why is this?
Well, the MTHFR gene makes the enzyme that converts methylene
tetrahydrofolate into folate in the methylation cycle. The methylation
cycle is also referred to as Phase II Detoxification of the Liver. The
methylation cycle passes around a carbon and three hydrogens like a
hot potato until becomes glutathione, the major antioxidant in the
body. If there is a defect anywhere in this process, then glutathione
production can be compromised and methylation halted. Now, I don’t
know why this may cause Restless Leg Syndrome, but it’s interesting to
observe what happens when deficiencies and imbalances are corrected!
Ask your doctor to check MTHFR if you have a personal or family
history of Depression, Cardiovascular Disease, Anxiety/Panic Disorder
or Cancer. Be well!

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