What is the cause of your Depression, Anxiety or Panic Disorder?

Treating these psychological conditions can be difficult because the cause differs with every individual.

The causes of these mood disorders include:
1. poor sleep and stress management skills
2. thyroid, adrenal or sex hormone dysfunction
3. heavy metal toxicity
4. lack of exercise
5. Zinc deficiency
6. essential fatty acid deficiency (omega 3,6, or 9)
7. B-vitamin or other vitamin deficiency
8. amino acid deficiency

To find out the cause and treat it, you will need expensive laboratory tests and high quality supplements to patch any deficiencies and remove any barriers. You will need to take care of yourself and become your own “physician” – in charge of your health and your healthcare. In this way, you can get back your life.

The above information is from my experience and Dr Greenblatt’s book: The Depression Solution – which I recommend you read.

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