Changing B12/folate supplement

After experimenting with a new form of sublingual (under the tongue)
B12 supplement, I am returning to a combination b12 and folate
sublingual formula. I have confirmed that high doses of one b vitamin
(b12 in this instance) will depose the other b-vitamins off their
receptor sites. Thus, causing b-vitamin deficiencies (including
folate). So, it is imperative that whenever we give big doses of b12
or folate that we balance with the other and add a b-complex.
B-vitamins are great for stress, mental focus, depression, anxiety and
fatigue. Next time you’re in, ask us to check your b-vitamin levels if
you have any of the above symptoms.

Occasionally, it is appropriate to use B12 alone – it depends on the
individual! I really do love the biomedical approach to the

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