New Supplements Available

Hi y’all,

Some new products I ordered:

Magnederm: Topical magnesium. It’s very nice for foot baths as well as for use in tubs instead of epsom salt. Taking too much won’t give you diarrhea! Nice for improving methylation, relaxation, and high blood pressure.



B-Supreme: New B-complex. It has natural folate (methylfolate) instead of folic acid (which has been linked to cancer).




Transfer factors (PlasMyc) for treating mycoplasma, HHV, EBV, and CMV. For use in chronic fatigue where the IgG levels are high, or if nothing else works and you are running a mild fever most of the time, or if you are constantly sick and not fighting infections well. Transfer factors are like IV IgG, just in an oral form, and specific for some bacteria and viruses. I have more info if you want some.


Omega Synergy: ALA, EPA, DHA and GLA. Nice combo! I still use high dose fish oils (>6000mg/day) as an anti-inflammatory, but this will be my “go-to” for maintenance. Nutreval test results have been showing too low of GLA levels and too high of fish oil levels.



Let me know of any questions. Thanks!

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